Words and Literacy

A current member of the British Guild of Beer Writers.
A current member of the North American Guild of Beer Writers.

Articles, Reportage and Editorial

  • Business Articles — Wrote and amassed a portfolio of well-regarded writings on business dysfunction and improvement, adaptive leadership and other emergent behaviours.
  • Copywriting and Marketing — Liaised regularly with contacts and associates in the USA, Japan and Europe to identify potential opportunities in both commercial organisations and the drinks industry.
  • Industry Articles — Prolifically wrote a large number of highly-regarded articles focusing on local, national and international drinks industry events, happenings, organisations and business.
  • International Insight — travelled extensively in Europe and the United States to meet with, write about and comment on producers and retailers within the drinks industry.
  • Newsletters — Managed the periodic preparation of written content and collation of assembled information, knowledge, hints, tips and other miscellaneous items of interest for a multinational.
  • Social Media (Drinks Industry) — Represented a sole trader operating in the drinks industry by continually publishing self-penned writings, comments, articles and photographs.
  • Social Media (Professional Services Consultancy) — Was responsible for continually writing and publishing self-penned commentary, updates, soundbites and articles.
  • Travel Writing — Wrote humorous articles about 15-years ago on the cultural differences between hostelries in Asia, Africa, the Americas and Europe during travels to comment on the drinks industry.
  • Event Coverage — either attended the following events to write and photograph during the past 12-months, or will attend (or return again) within the coming months:
    • January: Flink Gegist Festival (Winter) (NL, Delft)
    • February: Mout Bierfestival (NL, Arnhem)
    • March: Barcelona Beer Festival (Spain, Barcelona)
    • March: Italia Beer Festival (Italy, Milan)
    • March: LIB Leiden Speciaalbier Festival (NL, Leiden)
    • March: Lombardia Beer Fest (Italy, Milan)
    • April: Warszawski Festiwal Piwa (Poland, Warsaw)
    • May: Handgemacht Berlin (Germany, Berlin)
    • May: Kaapse Brouwers Anniversary Beer Festival (NL, Rotterdam)
    • May: Reading Beer & Cider Festival (UK, Reading)
    • May: Utrechtse Bierbrouwers Festival (NL, Utrecht)
    • June: Bier & Cider festival (NL, Utrecht)
    • June: Carnivale Brettanomyces (NL, Amsterdam)
    • June: Cider Festival (NL, Rotterdam)
    • June: Noord-Hollands Bierfestival (NL, Alkmaar)
    • June: Paris Beer Week (France, Paris)
    • July: Berlin Beer Week (Germany, Berlin)
    • July: Flink Gegist Festival (Summer) (NL, Delft)
    • July: La Fira del Poblenou (Spain, Barcelona)
    • August: BXLBeerFest (Belgium, Brussels)
    • August: Great British Beer Festival (UK, London)
    • August: International Berlin Beer Festival (Germany, Berlin)
    • September: Amsterdam Beer Festival (NL, Amsterdam)
    • September: Borefts Beer Festival (NL, Bodegraven)
    • September: KeyKeg International Beer Festival (NL, Den Helder)
    • September: Mother’s Finest (NL, Utrecht)
    • October: Birmingham Beer and Cider Festival (UK, Birmingham)
    • November: Billies Craft Beer Festival (Belgium, Antwerp)

Business Miscellany

  • Delegation of Responsibility and Ownership — Improved global, centralised and decentralised team and individual practices and behaviours by documenting role responsibility and ownership.
  • RASCI Matrices — Coordinated with global teams and individuals to iteratively write and develop boundaries that mandate inter-team, cross-functional, multi-jurisdiction interaction and expectations.
  • Role, Function or Job Definition and Candidate Analyses — Prepared and wrote these for multinationals during times of recruitment, organisational change and restructuring.
  • Satisfaction Surveys — wrote appropriate and effective wording to capture opinions of satisfaction or dissatisfaction that were used to add value and improve interaction with customers and stakeholders.
  • SharePoint Usage and Development — Wrote technical and usability guidance in additional to developing frameworks that improved multinational collaboration and Knowledge Management.
  • Usability and Performance Questionnaires — Prepared, wrote and developed appropriate and effective wording for mechanisms to capture comment or feedback from customers and stakeholders.

Policy, Standard, Process and Best Practice

  • Communication Plans and Strategies — Practiced what is preached by documenting and mandating methods to clearly and adequately communicate and engage with teams and individuals.
  • Controls and Governance — Encouraged team, department and project quality, flexibility, growth and improvement by writing, developing and implementing multinational best practice boundaries.
  • Departmental “Rules” — Developed, guided and documented departmental ‘rules’: the written boundaries and guidelines from which multinational Operation Level Agreements (OLA) are formed.
  • Disaster Recovery (DR) and Business Continuity Plans (BCP) — Guided multinational standards and procedures; contributed to the preparation of written input and material at management levels.
  • Governance best practices and templates — written to align departments and teams with multinational policies, ensuring they are continuously improved and not overly-restrictive.
  • Offshore Procedures and Best Practices — coordinated with offshore teams and individuals to write handover guidelines that clearly describe simple, repeatable and first-line customer-facing operations.
  • Operational Run Books — written, developed and maintained in liaison with multinationals’ offshore and strategic partners.
  • Policies, Standards, Processes, Procedures and Best Practices — numerous versions wrote, developed, improved, maintained and version-controlled for multinationals, departments and teams.
  • Security Models (Compliance) — Wrote, implemented, enforced, monitored and owned security models for new tools and methods, practices and behaviours.
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) — written internally with knowledge obtained from stakeholders; collated, reviewed, approved or rejected when received from external suppliers.

Projects and Change

  • Communication Strategy — Supported, guided and improved a Dutch NGO’s communication methods in order for it to realise its communication strategy.
  • Complex Modelling Simplified — Wrote easy-to-understand project documentation for modelling / remodelling complexity in new or existing tools and methods, processes and procedures.
  • Release and Deployment Standards — developed, written and enforced as mandatory obligations in multinationals where no continuous delivery or agile approach maturity is present.
  • Requirements-Gathering and Feedback — represented the desired outcomes of multinational departments and teams by writing and collating appropriate input for Request for Proposals (RFP).
  • Social Media Project — Guided the implementation, revitalisation and rejuvenation of a Dutch NGO’s Social Media presence, boosting its engagement and content generation.
  • Technical Implementation Plans — Created and led waterfall plans (and wrote supporting documentation) in multinationals deeming this change approach appropriate and acceptable.
  • Vendor and Supplier Feedback — Provided written vendor and supplier feedback to agile project managers, suggesting improvements or important changes that align with desired outcomes.

Proofreading, Editing and Transcreation

  • Commercial Proofreading — Proofread and suggested editing recommendations during the production of a Business Book that is now commercially available globally.
  • English Copy Transcreation — Increased brand awareness for a variety of organisations operating in the Dutch drinks industry by transcreating copy into English.
  • English Copy Transcreation — Transcreated organisational best practices, mission statements, announcements and other key communication into English for a Dutch NGO.
  • Transcreation Proofreading — Guaranteed quality in a Dutch NGO’s English-language workshop materials, manuals and other reference publications by proofreading, editing and crosschecking facts.

Reports and Direction

  • Business Reports — Investigated and reported extensively on various matters for clients, customers, departments and teams (e.g. the methods, legislation and practicalities of recycling in Japan).
  • Curricula Vitae, Job Descriptions and Client Requirements — Wrote and edited those on a daily basis for clients and candidates of a general, legal and accountancy Recruitment Consultancy.
  • Desired Outcome Analyses — Wrote analyses of technical desired outcomes for new tools and methods, and cultural desired outcomes for practices and behaviours.
  • Feedback Processes — Led practices and behaviours to not only document and exploit or enhance suggested or evident improvement opportunities, but to also issue risk, threat or complaint reports.
  • Gap Analyses for Knowledge, Information and Skills — accelerated efficient and effective training or handover by writing there for multinationals during times of major organisational restructuring.
  • Improvement Reports — extensively written in response to a variety of critical problems and failures.
  • Job Descriptions and Candidate Profiles — wrote extensively for departmental and team recruitment.
  • Lessons-Learned — Extensive lessons-learned reports written for a leading provider of high-value business services that was incapacitated by a massive cyber-attack for which it was unprepared.

Photography and Videography

  • Corporate video — Supported and assisted in the preparation of a ‘corporate video’ for a Dutch NGO by creating video content.
  • Event Photojournalism — gained widespread ‘press’ experience of writing previews, commentaries and reviews (alongside own photography) at local, national and international drinks industry events.
  • Interviews — Represented an international organisation by interviewing participants at its international events for Social Media and other platforms.
  • Photography — Operated as a freelance photographer at events within the drinks industry, either following a brief or providing images to corporate clients after the event.

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