Skills: Strategic Planning and Governance

  • Assisting leadership in the definition, implementation and successful realisation of a fluid and responsive operational vision and direction that aligns with strategic desired outcomes.
  • Building confidence and assurance in the appropriate, yet adaptable, performance of governance, and the correct application of responsive standards, processes and procedures.
  • Determining the platinum, gold, silver or bronze criticality of each tool and method — its importance to BAU continuity — and its red, amber or green state of governance and readiness.
  • Establishing a responsive approach to governance that champions flexibility, iterative prioritisation, resource deployment adaptability, improvement and learning.
  • Guiding organisations in developing responsive governance driven by desired outcomes instead of restrictive control that focuses on box-ticking and enforcing required requirements.
  • Steering tools and methods to a level of responsiveness, completeness and compliance that is both adaptable and aligned or integrated with policies, standards, processes and procedures.
  • Supporting the definition and application of organisational policies designed to achieve and retain governance, accreditation or certification, ensuring they’re as unrestrictive as possible.

Quality Enablement

  • Building “fail-fast” tools and methods that immediately halt progress when a problem or failure is detected, rather than continuing with flawed, inconsistent or problematic operations.
  • Coaching teams and individuals in responsible Quality Enablement: why personally doing something correctly at its source subsequently removes the need for further Quality Control.
  • Preventing problems or failures and reducing the occurrence of oversights or defects by adopting a quality-first (“first time right”) mindset that embraces a flexible, agile approach.
  • Visualising the why (goal), who (actor), how (impact) and what (deliverable) of desired outcomes through uncomplicated, collaborative Impact Mapping that increases universal comprehension.

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