Skills: Process Management

  • Coaching and motivating teams and individuals in adapting to new processes efficiently; establishing effective baselines from which to analyse, test and improve existing processes.
  • Designing and implementing process architectures that underpin success, continually validating “as are” processes against “to be” expectations and desired outcomes.
  • Examining and improving end-to-end processes that negatively affect operations, impede desired strategic outcomes or highlight shortfalls, gaps and other obstacles to success.
  • Measuring process performance and lifecycle maturity to arrest process entropy, reinvigorate failing or deteriorating processes, and future-proof process evolution.
  • Modelling process improvements and analysing the results of testing to deliver an effective output from each process that is valued by clients, customers, consumers and other processes.
  • Monitoring new and existing processes to identify and resolve inefficient or ineffective practices and behaviours, conflicts and integration problems.
  • Nurturing a horizontally-oriented approach to processes and value-streams that cuts through traditional (vertical) hierarchical structure.

Lean Thinking and Continuous Improvements

  • Aligning change and improvement initiatives with suitable methodologies, such as Lean, Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma: plan-do-check-act (PDCA); define-measure-analyse-improve-control (DMAIC).
  • Eliminating superfluous, non-value adding waste, and eradicating all impediments, blockages or hinderances that delay progress or prevent successful delivery of a desired outcome.
  • Harmonising tools and methods to improve consistency, reduce variation and eliminate defects.
  • Monitoring and continually optimising efficiency, effectiveness, cycle times and quality; inspiring others to adopt a continuous improvement mindset that exploits opportunities for innovation.

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