Skills: Judgement and Decision-making

  • Abandoning constraints and inflexibilities that deter continuous transformation and the capability to quickly and easily respond and adapt to change.
  • Advocating the potential benefits in seemingly illogical suggestions or directives that are dismissed, and highlighting concerns and possible disbenefits with those seeming logical.
  • Disregarding hearsay, conjecture or premature conclusions that lack sufficient evidence or clarity when collating and processing important data or information that aids decision-making.
  • Distinguishing between symptoms, superficial causes and significant causes when advocating against short-term workarounds and unsuitable responses.
  • Mandating that a “why” justification always accompanies a suggestion or directive’s “what” and “how”, increasing its chance of success by engaging and motivating teams and individuals.
  • Overseeing existing tools and methods, standards, processes and procedures to recognise, identify and respond to inspired opportunities for radical, revolutionary or pioneering change.
  • Recognising that individual layers within a tool or method evolve and operate at their own rhythm and pace, acknowledging that there is often no one-size-fits all approach or response.

Portfolio Management

  • Contributing to portfolio strategy management and achieving the dual desired outcome of allocating limited resources cost-effectively whilst successfully controlling risk and dependency.
  • Coordinating the efficient operation and update of portfolio management frameworks, tools and methods.
  • Maintaining an inventory of assets and their attributes, including their age and suitability, operational cost versus value and benefit, interface dependencies, lifecycle status and suchlike.
  • Monitoring the evolution of a portfolio to ensure it remains aligned with desired operational and strategic outcomes, and to balance or optimise any shortfalls and excesses.
  • Visualising the “helicopter view” of a portfolio to provide advice and support, to identify constraints, to respond adequately to challenges, and to exploit opportunities for improvement.

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