Skills: Innovation, Creativity and Disruption

  • Engaging with teams and individuals to listen, learn and determine the next generation of ground-breaking and lucrative ideas or to identify where inventive thinking is needed.
  • Establishing a blame-free culture that nurtures, tests and experiments with improvements and new ideas, focusing on future possibilities instead of past mistakes or failures.
  • Initiating change-for-success with an uncompromising customer-focus that champions positive disruptive feedback and evolutionary, revolutionary or disruptive innovation.
  • Introducing a creative-destructive imbalance that exploits any opportunity for adaptation, growth and success, and in doing so displaces anything tired, ineffective or obsolete.
  • Prioritising long-term change-for-success and profitability over short-term profit and immediate return-on-investment (ROI).
  • Promoting creative ideas, originality and inventiveness instead of inertia, duplication, replication and the recycling of obsolete concepts, irrespective of any perceived short-term silliness.
  • Seizing the opportunity to embrace, encourage and steer to fruition a team or individual’s radical, unorthodox or potentially revolutionary and disruptive idea or value-adding proposal.
  • Thinking creatively outside-the-box in response to client or customer wants and needs, irrespective of existing (i.e. unsuitable or limiting) tools and methods, practices and behaviours.

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