Skills: Emotional Intelligence

  • Engaging with traditionalists to urge more progressive, contemporary and responsive practices and behaviours that earn respect and credibility through personal and professional integrity.
  • Inspiring self-awareness, social awareness, self-management and relationship management.
  • Leading by example and actively demonstrating the so-called “organisational justice”: always be honest, fair, open, sharing and communicative with teams and individuals at all levels.
  • Nurturing a universal culture of honesty and respect that favours globalisation, diversity, inclusion and engagement over detachment and “star chamber” practices and behaviours.
  • Rejecting ethnocentrism, egotism, nepotism, megalomania and other defective, relationship-damaging practices and behaviours that treat employees as mere possessions in a machine.
  • Valuing the opinion and reasoning of teams and individuals in recognising mistakes are opportunities to subsequently increase awareness, learn and improve.

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