Skills: Dysfunction

  • Adopting practices and behaviours that demonstrate how adaptive leadership is an effective alternative to command-and-control, as proven by established models (e.g. Agile Team Lead).
  • Advocating a constructive and creative approach to interaction, thought and response (e.g. Six Thinking Hats) that avoids the argumentative defence of predetermined and opposing ideas.
  • Applying practical knowledge and hands-on experience of how to reverse the so-called “organisational sins” that accompany archaic practices and behaviours.
  • Discouraging incongruent communication and body language (mixed signals), and challenging other ineffective, indifferent, detrimental or unfair practices and behaviours that impede success.
  • Eliminating any apparent vacuum that exists between teams or individuals, by demolishing organisational siloes, self-imposed walls and ineffective hierarchy.
  • Engaging with teams and individuals to coach and establish a purpose when leadership adopts a distant and detached approach or demonstrates low Emotional Intelligence.
  • Recognising that inflexibility and a strict adherence to control impairs the delivery of desired business outcomes and inhibits creativity, emergent behaviour and evolution-for-success.
  • Resolving priority conflicts, settling turf wars and restoring enthusiasm and motivation lost by ineffective “just do it” change directives or a deficit of appropriate direction and best practices.

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