Skills: Customer Focus

  • Differentiating between “value demand” and “failure demand”; eliminating the latter by proactively and diligently responding to customer criticism that highlights organisational failure.
  • Ensuring tool and method outputs have both utility-value (are fit-for-purpose and meet customers’ needs) and guaranteed warranty-value (are fit-for-use, functioning and available).
  • Focusing tool and method output on customer needs, rather than solely a means to complete team or individual tasks — execution of a process itself is not the optimal desired outcome.
  • Highlighting organisational focus and behaviour that is controlled or distorted by a product or service-offering rather than be driven by thought, innovation and creating customer-value.
  • Identifying, analysing and differentiating between customers’ needs, wants and “delighters”, and translating them into the why, who, how and what of a desired outcome.
  • Motivating teams and individuals to demonstrate an unyielding customer-focused approach in providing superior service and value.
  • Placing superior quality and customer service at the core of personal and professional credibility and behaviour, earning customer loyalty and increased patronage for world-class organisations.
  • Realigning organisational focus if it is skewed towards external consumers to the detriment of internal customers (other departments, teams and individuals who are ignored or overlooked).

Added Value

  • Delighting clients and internal or external customers by adding value to a product or service without significantly increasing production cost or sales cost.
  • Designing “outside-in” processes and procedures that begin with the value delivered to clients and internal or external customers, and from there are developed backwards.
  • Highlighting potentially increased customer value through change initiatives or opportunities to improve tools and methods, standards, processes, procedures and best practices.
  • Utilising “via negativa” to increase personal and professional quality and capability through rigorously reducing and eliminating anything negative, inessential, useless or failing to add value.

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