Skills: Critical Thinking

  • Achieving consistent, balanced and comprehensive reasoning, whether individually or within groups, through parallel thinking, particularly systematic processes like “Six Thinking Hats”.
  • Advocating rationality over perception-based decision-making by applying clear and logical thought in assessing potential risk, outcome consequence and probability for success.
  • Thinking both fast and slow for making considered decisions and reaching optimal outcomes, often in the absence of leadership.

Devil’s Advocate

  • Challenging practices and behaviours that appear ineffective; confronting conventional wisdom if it seemingly hinders progress.
  • Creating noise where “silence” may prove an impediment or may signify the potential for problems and failures.
  • Identifying and proactively responding to any underlying imperfections, oversights, challenges or weaknesses prior to their appearance as an undesirable problem or failure.
  • Questioning standards, processes, procedures and best practices that appear inefficient or ineffective; and testing every assumption and presumption to avoid poor decision-making.

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