Skills: Coordinating with Others

  • Acting as an ideas and improvement conduit that traverses functional, departmental and team boundaries to create collaboration, strengthen interaction, build relationships and add value.
  • Engaging with teams or individuals who feel disenfranchised and disconnected, offering support and encouragement to contribute, adapt and develop in order to add value and be valued.
  • Facilitating concise, effective meetings in which all participants focus on Parallel Thinking, rather than adversarial argument that results in wasted time, misalignment and inadequate outcomes.
  • Interacting effectively in one-to-one, group or team sessions; learning from different perspectives to gain a thorough insight.
  • Participating in ongoing interaction with teams and individuals; coaching in the realisation of mutually desired outcomes or mentoring in the acquisition of new skills and experience.
  • Reintegrating teams or individuals that feel underutilised, marginalised or held responsible for failure.

Communication and Miscommunication

  • Exposing hidden meaning, undisclosed information and other constructs though effective questioning, utilising elements of Clean Language and metaphor methods.
  • Facilitating effective communication between teams or individuals by abolishing or improving unproductive, inappropriate or problematic interaction methods.
  • Implementing the most efficient communication or interface method for tools and methods.
  • Intervening and mediating when team or individual interaction proves challenging, when there is a communication breakdown, or when unwelcome “noise” proves unfavourable to progress.

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