Skills: Complex Problem Solving

  • Capturing, assessing and analysing comparable, divergent or conflicting options to choose the most suitable response.
  • Experimenting with measured risk to identify optimal and enduring responses, recognising that each response may cause unrelated problems or failures elsewhere.
  • Identifying universal, enduring responses that defuse both localised and global challenges.
  • Illuminating the blind-spots — the doubts, uncertainties and concerns — that prevent successful change or improvement.
  • Solving complex or challenging problems through 5-why iteration, increasing confidence in the identification of an undisputable root-cause and suitable counter-measure response.

Antifragility and Emergent Behaviour

  • Avoiding an overreliance on inadequate workarounds and short-term fixes (indicative of indifference) that result in an operational debt to be repaid-in-full later.
  • Exploiting misfortunate and chaos as an opportunity to gain momentum and learn, to strengthen and consolidate, to innovate and develop.
  • Mentoring teams and individuals to be autonomous and self-manage, to make decentralised decisions within established boundaries, and to become resilient and antifragile.
  • Reacting swiftly and decisively to the potential improvement or enhancement opportunities in every defect, problem or failure.
  • Refocusing attention on what does not work to prevent it from being ignored in favour of what does work, to prevent it from being overshadowed by success elsewhere.
  • Remaining resolutely focused on long-term success, despite short-term pain.
  • Repairing something before it is broken, and medicating what is healthy before it gets sick.

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