OneCircle responds to uncertainty with vision

OneCircle, Seaham
While robust organisations persevere through turbulent conditions, pioneers foresee coming storms and respond with innovative action to flourish and prosper. A far-sighted vision triumphs when facing actual or potential adversity. Today’s progressive drink producers are thus loyal to OneCircle, founder of the revolutionary KeyKeg and UniKeg — one-way, cradle-to-cradle kegs — because the innovative Den Helder family business thinks ahead and tackles challenges with advance win-win solutions.

The UK is among key markets to embrace OneCircle’s ethos, and trusted business relationships have formed there over many years. OneCircle’s UK reputation is supported by a mutual commitment to circularity, recycling, and waste stream accountability. Such obligation reacts with a far-sighted vision during international trade uncertainty.

OneCircle’s dedication to the UK preceded political events, so, as the UK held a referendum on withdrawal from the European Union, OneCircle accelerated its customer commitment. A determined decision soon followed in 2017; a physical presence is essential. County Durham’s UK OneCircle Production Facility opened at Seaham in early 2018, creating jobs that recognised the skilled North East workforce and embraced the local economy.

OneCircle choose decisive and positive action and innovation. Not only did it respond to uncertainty, but it also strengthened a pledge. It now produces durable KeyKegs locally with less environmental impact, and UK drinks-quality gains from a locally-made sustainable product.

Besides addressing potential unknowns, the UK production facility provides other advantages that benefit producers and their customers. Proximity, for instance, slashes lead times, increases availability and reduces cost. And, most important of all, the commitment also lessens the environmental footprint.

The OneCircle, KeyKeg and UK combination is a winning 2020 vision.

[Original article written for OneCircle, December 2019]

Photograph: OneCircle