A Day for entrepreneurial thanks

Day of the Entrepreneur logo and hashtag
Day of the Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs keep economies afloat and introduce change, initiative and innovation much swifter and with less disruption than larger corporations’ bigger-is-better confusion: the more distended an object, the more severely it breaks on impact with a challenge, hurdle or crisis.

Entrepreneurs are the nutrients keeping a 21st century economy buoyant. And we must engage, encourage and support continuing nutrition. As a Dutch entrepreneur, I support MKB-Nederland’s mission to encourage and create the perfect commercial climate in which small and medium-sized businesses prosper.

The third Friday of every November is De Dag van de Ondernemer (the Day of the Entrepreneur), an MKB-Nederland initiative to thank entrepreneurs for their attitude, forward-thinking resolution, resilience and, most importantly, economic support. 2020 has proven these are critical elements that ought to be applauded.