The times they are a-changin’

The times they are a-changin’ and it wasn’t only Bob Dylan who noticed.  Customers perceive businesses that emphasise a customer-first approach to success.  And they recognise the contempt they’re shown by a contorted business in its dying throes, desperate to maintain its customer base—contempt indicative of illogical behaviour patterns an endangered species demonstrates: archaic leadership.

Illogical leadership increases the intensity of behaviour under which it is being crushed.  It reins in the niceties, it’s blameful and it rewards ‘ungrateful customers’ with service and quality reduction, while at the same time hardening its command-and-control stance over a fearful workforce.

Dissatisfaction spreads across social media as instantaneous communication powers customers’ pervasive influence.

Customer Service Orientation is the first casualty for a struggling business yet increasing failure-demand levels are untenable.  Any chance for survival requires placing customer service improvement front-and-centre.