Overturning commercial norms.

There’s a good reason why exciting, dynamic and thriving enterprises overturn commercial norms.

Exploiting opportunities means balancing priorities, of which some carry more weight than others. Destabilising the requirements equilibrium is easy—and often rewarding or lucrative.

Gut instinct plays decision-maker. If opportunities tick all checkboxes and gut instinct says no, rejection is best; conversely, embrace opportunities that appear awful but have gut instinct approval.

Another approach lurks somewhere between a plan and taking each day as it comes: the wild card. To hold out for perfection is to delay hopes and dreams in pursuit of what may not exist. Delightful, unexpected triumphs stem from off-the-wall ideas, exceptional thinking and taking chances.

Too many undertakings fail by neglecting to test new hypotheses that deviate from preconceived ideals.

Successful enterprises remain off the radar by seeking unorthodox solutions and practices. Staid, sober and conservative methods and beliefs are anathema to exciting, dynamic and thriving enterprise.

Rejecting sober traditions and overturning commercial norms ignites a new prosperity that is difficult to extinguish.