Needs, Wants and Delighters

Organisations competing with each other in a race to the bottom care little about what matters most: customer value. And it is an alarming trend. Professor Noriaki Kano’s eponymous model states customers have three requirements: Needs, Wants and Delighters. (Alongside customer indifference.)

  • Needs cover the basics a customer must have to avoid being dissatisfied.
  • Wants cover the basics a customer must have to be satisfied.
  • Delighters cover the added value (benefits) that exceed a customer’s Needs or Wants.

While supplying the Wants retains customer loyalty, organisations that focus on providing Delighters increase loyalty and remain successful through tough times.  However, many organisations fail to provide nothing more than a customer’s Needs; Wants are inadequate, and Delighters do not exist. It is a missed opportunity.