Life in post-disinterested times

Are these post-disinterested times? Togetherness neutering tech’s insatiable lust for isolating people and disconnecting society?

Current affairs in the smartphone age are replacing an unquenchable thirst for useless titbit irrelevance.

Till now disasters were mere inconvenient swipes to reach a famous-for-nothing “celebrity’s” new dress photo. And for some that is still priority. But many now shun the worthless in favour of the priceless.

Healthcare professionals and others tirelessly keeping our society afloat are today’s celebrities because their skill and talent is evident.

As repugnant materialism obliterates our planet’s natural infrastructure and instant gratification rejects intellectual development, may the coming years see moral and ethical behaviours shift towards ensuring we leave behind a better world?

An ever-connected limited attention span and disinterest in future prospects was worrying. Tech replacing intelligence, rather than complementing it, created lazy thinking. Planned obsolescence, glitzy marketing and peer pressure accepted greed and reckless consumption.

So, are we living in post-disinterested times, when technology focuses our attention on what’s truly important and helps us achieve sustainability?

I hope so.