Lurid reports of burning telecom masts

What’s more stupid? People setting fire to telecom masts or media reports of it?

It’s laughable to read these fires are “thought to have been started by conspiracy theorists” when savvy people know it is more likely to be either bored vandals or clueless numbskulls stirred by sensationalist hysteria that legitimises their action, and it was the same with toilet rolls, and it was the same with discrimination against Asians, and it was the same with a deflated economy, and it will be the same with everything else, forever more.

Fake News = conspiracy = mass hysteria = legitimization of wrongdoing = actions that generate so-called news, albeit sensationalist. The media cannot lose. It’s an unsanctioned, win-win situation.

The media’s juicy melodramas continue, and society pays the price.

What is certain, however, is that without lurid reporting of burning telecom masts it would be not be happening as much. Go figure.