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Sarah Dunant’s Leaving Florence

Leaving Florence is Sarah Dunant‘s prophetic views on 21st century tourism’s cheap journey to disaster. And how our insatiable thirst for cut-throat travel, budget airlines and Airbnb has not only devastated cultural value but also made us environmental criminals. And we’ll continue reoffending with gusto 

Life in post-disinterested times

Are these post-disinterested times? Togetherness neutering tech’s insatiable lust for isolating people and disconnecting society? Current affairs in the smartphone age are replacing an unquenchable thirst for useless titbit irrelevance. Till now disasters were mere inconvenient swipes to reach a famous-for-nothing “celebrity’s” new dress photo. 

Choose contemplation and thinking. Choose sociable behaviour. Choose living itself.

We cannot solve human problems by decision-making based on abstract connexions. We solve human problems by decision-making based on society, behaviour and thinking. Our festering harmful thinking and antisocial behaviour rots society’s core. And without sociable behaviour or thinking about thinking we actually create these