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Adaptation is the economic cure

Adaptation may be the only economic cure to social restrictions, and learning may be the only vaccine against the effects of future contagion and loss. Nature learnt this over millennia, yet over decades human stupidity is determined to ravage the environment and its lessons. However, 

Lurid reports of burning telecom masts

What’s more stupid? People setting fire to telecom masts or media reports of it? It’s laughable to read these fires are “thought to have been started by conspiracy theorists” when savvy people know it is more likely to be either bored vandals or clueless numbskulls 

Sarah Dunant’s Leaving Florence

Leaving Florence is Sarah Dunant‘s prophetic views on 21st century tourism’s cheap journey to disaster. And how our insatiable thirst for cut-throat travel, budget airlines and Airbnb has not only devastated cultural value but also made us environmental criminals. And we’ll continue reoffending with gusto 

Life in post-disinterested times

Are these post-disinterested times? Togetherness neutering tech’s insatiable lust for isolating people and disconnecting society? Current affairs in the smartphone age are replacing an unquenchable thirst for useless titbit irrelevance. Till now disasters were mere inconvenient swipes to reach a famous-for-nothing “celebrity’s” new dress photo. 

Nurturing togetherness, collaboration and cooperation

It is imperative that entrepreneurs and small businesses nurture a much closer sense of togetherness, collaboration and cooperation in the coming months and years. A unified voice and strength in numbers carry considerable clout and effect greater change.  And greater change is not only needed 

Demagogues’ indefensible business-as-usual practices

Demagogues rarely care about anything / anybody other than their own wealth and power, especially when the sh1t is in somebody else’s backyard.  But once there’s a stark choice between untenable causalities and economic catastrophe in their circle of influence, it’s a ‘big problem’. I 

Despair at panic-buying

What more can we say? The media must learn that the athinking classes lack coherent ideas and notions. ‘News’ must stop rationalising irrationality with unhelpful stories of sporadic absurd behaviour. It creates a global bandwagon effect. A little information is a dangerous thing. It’s true. 

This Side of Paradise’s escapism and tough times optimism

Fake information alert! F. Scott Fitzgerald‘s quarantine letter is being bandied about on social media. People are claiming it’s legitimate correspondence, but it’s not. And that’s unfortuntate. Because what is it, though, is a poetic reimagining of events 100 years ago. A recent, fictional work.