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Robbing Peter to pay Paul

The notion of rushing ahead without addressing initial concerns contains a fundamental flaw. Many organisations operate to an out-of-control beat; quick fixes, easy wins and rough drafts are preferable to doing something properly. The flaw (or incompetence): organisations state they have no time to do 

Success, growth and development doing the right thing

When leadership prioritises face-saving over doing the right thing, employee excellence and success elude organisations. And modern, forward-thinking commercial success recognises doing the right thing is far removed from doing things right. While doing things right adheres to established action checklists, doing the right thing 

The importance of operacy in lateral and parallel thinking

Myopia underrates experience and overemphasises knowledge, but both carry equal importance. Experience often proving a more desirable asset. Some people value knowledge but lack real -world exposure; others are worldly, but lack knowledge. Neither characteristic suggests a greater skill and talent. However, both personality types