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Demagogues’ indefensible business-as-usual practices

Demagogues rarely care about anything / anybody other than their own wealth and power, especially when the sh1t is in somebody else’s backyard.  But once there’s a stark choice between untenable causalities and economic catastrophe in their circle of influence, it’s a ‘big problem’. I 

Choose contemplation and thinking. Choose sociable behaviour. Choose living itself.

We cannot solve human problems by decision-making based on abstract connexions. We solve human problems by decision-making based on society, behaviour and thinking. Our festering harmful thinking and antisocial behaviour rots society’s core. And without sociable behaviour or thinking about thinking we actually create these 

Better than you, better than me

It’s not okay to act superior. Believing you’re better than others shows your arrogance. Not only does nobody admire you for it, but it also exposes you as a fool. Feelings of superiority are nothing more than personal opinion. And opinions lack credibility when they