Category: #EmergentBehaviour

Change direction rather than moving forward constructively

Do not ‘move forward constructively’ when a change of direction is needed. Stop, consider the landscape and turn the corner. Moving forward together for simplicity’s sake merely takes you further away from the destination you should be trying to reach. Hear the dissenting voices who 

Worthy people gain if we do the right thing.

Aiming for our absolute best is all we can do. Any higher expectation is ridiculous. Focus less on doing things right and concentrate on doing the right things. Worthy people gain if we do the right thing. We gain if we do the right thing.

What is obvious is not obvious to those who cannot see it

It is simple, yet why don’t people understand it? Replicating success is more likely to produce failure. Only engaging with people who are seemingly successful is likely to impeded progression and evolution (in other words: breeds irrelevance and extinction). The seeds of growth begin with 

Success, growth and development doing the right thing

When leadership prioritises face-saving over doing the right thing, employee excellence and success elude organisations. And modern, forward-thinking commercial success recognises doing the right thing is far removed from doing things right. While doing things right adheres to established action checklists, doing the right thing