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I remain on friendly terms with these characteristics.

Why does integrity have a bad reputation nowadays, so bad that everybody gives it a cold shoulder? Much like its cousins quality, value and reliability, it is exiled from some aspects of today’s professional behaviour. I remain on friendly terms with these characteristics, I am 

Courtesy is a small investment in a throwaway age.

Attempts at unpretentious, authentic communication are futile in a throwaway age of instant gratification. While some organisations are unable to recognise the commercial damage caused by failing to acknowledge customers and potential business leads, others are leading the way with exceptional courtesy and a genuine 

If we are disrespected, do we disrespect in return?

If we are disrespected, do we disrespect in return? Or remain respectful and expose our integrity? A like-for-like response is ineffective in THIS situation. If we are respectful and expose our integrity, do we expect respect and integrity in return? Yes, we do. A low 

Customer Service Orientation struggles with failure-demand

As failure-demand increases to untenable levels, Customer Service Orientation suffers — struggling business’s first casualty. Outdated ‘leaders’ (the job title undeserved) intensify success-crushing behaviour; they revoke all niceties, blame everyone and reward ‘ungrateful’ customers with reduced quality. At the same time tightening their control over 

Needs, Wants and Delighters

Organisations competing with each other in a race to the bottom care little about what matters most: customer value. And it is an alarming trend. Professor Noriaki Kano’s eponymous model states customers have three requirements: Needs, Wants and Delighters. (Alongside customer indifference.) Needs cover the