Category: #CriticalThinking

Change direction rather than moving forward constructively

Do not ‘move forward constructively’ when a change of direction is needed. Stop, consider the landscape and turn the corner. Moving forward together for simplicity’s sake merely takes you further away from the destination you should be trying to reach. Hear the dissenting voices who 

Better risk-taking professionals learn to dance on broken glass.

As children we dance on broken glass, we flirt with fire, we immerse ourselves in everything bad. We experiment with risk. We straddle the line between safety and danger — because it is fun. We evade harm and distress because common sense prevails, but we 

Worthy people gain if we do the right thing.

Aiming for our absolute best is all we can do. Any higher expectation is ridiculous. Focus less on doing things right and concentrate on doing the right things. Worthy people gain if we do the right thing. We gain if we do the right thing.

What is obvious is not obvious to those who cannot see it

It is simple, yet why don’t people understand it? Replicating success is more likely to produce failure. Only engaging with people who are seemingly successful is likely to impeded progression and evolution (in other words: breeds irrelevance and extinction). The seeds of growth begin with 

Coronavirus COVID-19 commercial vaccines are adaptation and learning

While learning is among commercial vaccines protecting against future loss, adaptation is the only cure. Nature learnt over millennia, but humanity regresses over decades and abandons the lessons to ravage the environment. However, we are awakening from our stupor, realising we are affecting our own 

Nurturing togetherness, collaboration and cooperation

Entrepreneurs and small businesses consider it imperative to nurture togetherness, collaboration and cooperation in the coming months. Unified voices and a strength in numbers carry considerable influence and affect greater change. Greater change offers commercial survival through 2020 and ensures recovery and greater success in 

Robbing Peter to pay Paul

The notion of rushing ahead without addressing initial concerns contains a fundamental flaw. Many organisations operate to an out-of-control beat; quick fixes, easy wins and rough drafts are preferable to doing something properly. The flaw (or incompetence): organisations state they have no time to do 

The importance of operacy in lateral and parallel thinking

Myopia underrates experience and overemphasises knowledge, but both carry equal importance. Experience often proving a more desirable asset. Some people value knowledge but lack real -world exposure; others are worldly, but lack knowledge. Neither characteristic suggests a greater skill and talent. However, both personality types