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Courtesy is a small investment in a throwaway age.

Attempts at unpretentious, authentic communication are futile in a throwaway age of instant gratification. While some organisations are unable to recognise the commercial damage caused by failing to acknowledge customers and potential business leads, others are leading the way with exceptional courtesy and a genuine 

What is your organisational approach?

The best CEOs exploit and fully utilise the talents of their people, while the worst see merit in actively encouraging demotivation, demoralisation and unfulfillment. What is your organisational approach?

Robbing Peter to pay Paul

The notion of rushing ahead without addressing initial concerns contains a fundamental flaw. Many organisations operate to an out-of-control beat; quick fixes, easy wins and rough drafts are preferable to doing something properly. The flaw (or incompetence): organisations state they have no time to do 

Success, growth and development doing the right thing

When leadership prioritises face-saving over doing the right thing, employee excellence and success elude organisations. And modern, forward-thinking commercial success recognises doing the right thing is far removed from doing things right. While doing things right adheres to established action checklists, doing the right thing