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Adaptation is the economic cure

Adaptation may be the only economic cure to social restrictions, and learning may be the only vaccine against the effects of future contagion and loss. Nature learnt this over millennia, yet over decades human stupidity is determined to ravage the environment and its lessons. However, 

Overturning commercial norms.

There’s a good reason why exciting, dynamic and thriving enterprises overturn commercial norms. Exploiting opportunities means balancing priorities, of which some carry more weight than others. Destabilising the requirements equilibrium is easy—and often rewarding or lucrative. Gut instinct plays decision-maker. If opportunities tick all checkboxes 

Nurturing togetherness, collaboration and cooperation

It is imperative that entrepreneurs and small businesses nurture a much closer sense of togetherness, collaboration and cooperation in the coming months and years. A unified voice and strength in numbers carry considerable clout and effect greater change.  And greater change is not only needed