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25th May 2020

Adaptation is the economic cure

Adaptation may be the only economic cure to social restrictions, and learning may be the only vaccine against the effects of future contagion and loss.

Nature learnt this over millennia, yet over decades human stupidity is determined to ravage the environment and its lessons.

However, humanity may be awakening from its stupor to realise how it affects its own demise. And businesses embracing adaptation may prove to be the biggest winners as people’s mindset changes.

14th April 2020

Lurid reports of burning telecom masts

What’s more stupid? People setting fire to telecom masts or media reports of it?

It’s laughable to read these fires are “thought to have been started by conspiracy theorists” when savvy people know it is more likely to be either bored vandals or clueless numbskulls stirred by sensationalist hysteria that legitimises their action, and it was the same with toilet rolls, and it was the same with discrimination against Asians, and it was the same with a deflated economy, and it will be the same with everything else, forever more.

Fake News = conspiracy = mass hysteria = legitimization of wrongdoing = actions that generate so-called news, albeit sensationalist. The media cannot lose. It’s an unsanctioned, win-win situation.

The media’s juicy melodramas continue, and society pays the price.

What is certain, however, is that without lurid reporting of burning telecom masts it would be not be happening as much. Go figure.

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14th April 2020

The times they are a-changin’

The times they are a-changin’ and it wasn’t only Bob Dylan who noticed.  Customers perceive businesses that emphasise a customer-first approach to success.  And they recognise the contempt they’re shown by a contorted business in its dying throes, desperate to maintain its customer base—contempt indicative of illogical behaviour patterns an endangered species demonstrates: archaic leadership.

Illogical leadership increases the intensity of behaviour under which it is being crushed.  It reins in the niceties, it’s blameful and it rewards ‘ungrateful customers’ with service and quality reduction, while at the same time hardening its command-and-control stance over a fearful workforce.

Dissatisfaction spreads across social media as instantaneous communication powers customers’ pervasive influence.

Customer Service Orientation is the first casualty for a struggling business yet increasing failure-demand levels are untenable.  Any chance for survival requires placing customer service improvement front-and-centre.

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12th April 2020

Easter Sermon: biting the hands that feed

What far-reaching consequences await social interaction? How are we affected by speed-reading’s indifference and swiping’s prolonged disinterest? What might we infer from misinterpretation? And how might insatiable social presence and instantaneous communication alter our personalities?

As technology advances faster than human adaptation, information omnipresence renders waiting, procrastination and, indeed, serendipity obsolete. Is that a good thing?

A cursory glance at social platforms’ opinion empowerment reveals the potential for major decline in judicious standards. Does the deluge of information exceed our capacity to separate fact, perception, truth and reality? Are we engaged in a race to interpret everything illogically?

Whether we relish social media or not, we must retain good judgement and discretion; or we allow it to rationalise irrationality and encourage our worst behaviours. Good social media citizenship is being ahead of the curve, recognising worrying trends that we could halt, and even reverse, before they become established.

To gain most benefit from social media, we must learn to be antifragile—we improve society and ourselves through proper response to negativity, volatility, stress and shock.

12th April 2020

Absorbing the written word

We absorb the written word in an intimate manner, an emotional experience more personal than hearing the spoken word.

We connect with the written word in our own space, at our own pace.

It’s our duty to encourage reading, especially in those who’ve been guided along the wrong paths in life for whatever reason.

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10th April 2020

Sarah Dunant’s Leaving Florence

Leaving Florence is Sarah Dunant‘s prophetic views on 21st century tourism’s cheap journey to disaster. And how our insatiable thirst for cut-throat travel, budget airlines and Airbnb has not only devastated cultural value but also made us environmental criminals.

And we’ll continue reoffending with gusto if and when we’re freed from C19 on early release.

The post-C19 world will undoubtedly need many more local endeavours to reverse the hometown sociocultural void driving our escapism need.

WE MUST INVEST AND CONTRIBUTE MORE within our committees and support our local economies. There is likely to be little choice otherwise.

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9th April 2020

Overturning commercial norms.

There’s a good reason why exciting, dynamic and thriving enterprises overturn commercial norms.

Exploiting opportunities means balancing priorities, of which some carry more weight than others. Destabilising the requirements equilibrium is easy—and often rewarding or lucrative.

Gut instinct plays decision-maker. If opportunities tick all checkboxes and gut instinct says no, rejection is best; conversely, embrace opportunities that appear awful but have gut instinct approval.

Another approach lurks somewhere between a plan and taking each day as it comes: the wild card. To hold out for perfection is to delay hopes and dreams in pursuit of what may not exist. Delightful, unexpected triumphs stem from off-the-wall ideas, exceptional thinking and taking chances.

Too many undertakings fail by neglecting to test new hypotheses that deviate from preconceived ideals.

Successful enterprises remain off the radar by seeking unorthodox solutions and practices. Staid, sober and conservative methods and beliefs are anathema to exciting, dynamic and thriving enterprise.

Rejecting sober traditions and overturning commercial norms ignites a new prosperity that is difficult to extinguish.

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8th April 2020

Life in post-disinterested times

Are these post-disinterested times? Togetherness neutering tech’s insatiable lust for isolating people and disconnecting society?

Current affairs in the smartphone age are replacing an unquenchable thirst for useless titbit irrelevance.

Till now disasters were mere inconvenient swipes to reach a famous-for-nothing “celebrity’s” new dress photo. And for some that is still priority. But many now shun the worthless in favour of the priceless.

Healthcare professionals and others tirelessly keeping our society afloat are today’s celebrities because their skill and talent is evident.

As repugnant materialism obliterates our planet’s natural infrastructure and instant gratification rejects intellectual development, may the coming years see moral and ethical behaviours shift towards ensuring we leave behind a better world?

An ever-connected limited attention span and disinterest in future prospects was worrying. Tech replacing intelligence, rather than complementing it, created lazy thinking. Planned obsolescence, glitzy marketing and peer pressure accepted greed and reckless consumption.

So, are we living in post-disinterested times, when technology focuses our attention on what’s truly important and helps us achieve sustainability?

I hope so.

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7th April 2020

Nurturing togetherness, collaboration and cooperation

It is imperative that entrepreneurs and small businesses nurture a much closer sense of togetherness, collaboration and cooperation in the coming months and years. A unified voice and strength in numbers carry considerable clout and effect greater change.  And greater change is not only needed for commercial survival through 2020, but also to fully recover and build greater success in the years beyond.

Moreover, the inevitable commercial landscape appearing through the mist will be unrecognisable.  Competitiveness, greed, profit over people and contempt for sustainability will be the first heads on the chopping block.

Jokkmokk’s Louis Klomp inspires other entrepreneurs through both helping and gaining by cooperation during challenging times.

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6th April 2020

Demagogues’ indefensible business-as-usual practices

Demagogues rarely care about anything / anybody other than their own wealth and power, especially when the sh1t is in somebody else’s backyard.  But once there’s a stark choice between untenable causalities and economic catastrophe in their circle of influence, it’s a ‘big problem’.

I hope our world leaders recognise global fragility and the perils of placing self-interest ahead of the bigger picture as a result of today’s crisis, but I doubt it.  Unfortunately.  Once the wheels of commerce start turning again and the masses are readily accepting to be manipulated once more, this will all be forgotten.  And indefensible business-as-usual practices will continue.