Focusing outside the box and evolving with artisanal employees

Craftsperson SpiritEMPLOYEES: be more than an employee, be an artisan. Add value and excellence in everything you do.

EMPLOYERS: focus outside the box, employ artisans and evolve.

Once upon a time anybody with a skill was an artisan, a craftsperson, a tradesperson: somebody passionate about producing the best products. With the shift to a service-based economy, some of that passion has been lost. (Why can’t knowledge-based service employees be artisans too?)

During the past few decades employers have tended to be less passionate about artisans and more focused on fast-paced results.  And due to the minority-rule effect, the behaviour of the few became the majority norm.

It is time for employees to be passionate about their work results again; and time for employers to renew a passion for artisanal employees.

There is an upside too. The artisanal approach is antifragile: less exposed to the unexpected shocks that increasingly wipe-out rigidity.

(The infographic is another brilliant Sketchnote by Tanmay Vora, QAspire.)