Achievements: Strategic Planning and Governance

  • (See Words and Literacy)
  • Created approval processes to ensure change or development teams can raise improvement ideas or exceptions rather than circumvent security measures aimed at protecting customer data.
  • Created governance processes to review the least privilege security of new or existing tools and methods for ISO compliance prior to security modelling, approving and documenting.
  • Created processes to detect and respond to critical policy violations and governance or ISO compliance shortfalls, immediately notifying the appropriate departments.
  • Developed and led Operational Readiness Reviews to ensure tools and methods are exemplars of good or best practice in completeness, appropriateness, governance and compliance.
  • Developed processes to determine a tool or method’s importance (platinum, gold, silver or bronze), readiness (red, amber or green), and state of completeness (governance).
  • Improved confidence around personal, confidential or restricted data by isolating and protecting it from unauthorised, uncontrolled usage (including data obfuscation practices and behaviours).
  • Investigated new flexible, iterative approaches to governance that placed adaptability, learning and improvement ahead of strict rigidity.
  • Led departmental maturity in creating processes, procedures and best practices that align with and advocate organisational value, desired outcomes and overall strategy.
  • Managed licensing, usage policies, auditing and compliance as a FAST (Federation Against Software Theft) Approved Software Auditor and FAST Approved Software Manager.
  • Managed the re-establishment of accountability and continuous value-add verification of tools and methods where ownership chaos existed as a key risk to departmental strategy success.
  • Managed, controlled and coordinated departmental and organisational policy exceptions.
  • Represented leadership in coordinating departmental ISO compliance, ensuring tools, methods and data were secure, fit-for-purpose, fit-for-use, supportable, recoverable and suchlike.
  • Represented strategy enablement by coaching, mentoring and guiding teams and individuals towards strategic (desired outcome) and tactical (innovative) goals.
  • Supported leadership by visualising departmental landscape diagrams, team organograms, responsibility matrices, and tool and method modelling – all allowing for creativity and flexibility.
  • Supported leadership in the formulation, review and implementation of departmental strategy.
  • Supported leadership to implement KPI-style measurements that determined success in achieving, improving or identifying flaws in a department or team’s strategic desired outcomes.
  • Was responsible for ensuring adequate testing regimes existed for tools and methods, and that teams and individuals had the rights and ability to test in a manner appropriate to their role.

Quality Enablement

  • Developed Impact Mapping diagrams to visually represent desired outcomes (why), and the players involved (who), the impact (how) and the deliverables (what).
  • Implemented “fail-fast” processes that immediately halt when problems or failures are detected, rather than continuing with flawed or inconsistent operations that inevitably worsen over time.
  • Improved Problem Management by refocusing effort on long-term prevention of problems and consequent failures, rather than indefinitely relying on unpredictable, short-term workarounds.
  • Led Quality Enablement by coaching teams and individuals to be personally responsible for reviewing and quality-checking their own practices and behaviours, tools and methods.
  • Managed key departmental desired outcomes that recognised failure occurrence trends, the means to prepare enduring responses that reduce or eradicate unnecessary problems.
  • Was responsible for departmental unity, ensuring processes, tools and methods did not operate independently as discrete, ineffective and disjointed pieces that lead to dysfunction.

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