Achievements: People Management and Adaptive Leadership

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  • Created new teams for handling processes, Business Intelligence (BI) and data control; and then took Team Leader responsibility for setting boundaries and coordinating operations and tasks.
  • Improved departmental procedures for Joiners, Movers and Leavers (JML), guided leadership on JML, and developed processes for easing the transition of teams between departments.
  • Initiated the coaching and emergent behaviour of teams and individuals in their organisational desired outcomes, providing frequent encouragement, feedback and guidance.
  • Led mentoring initiatives to personally and professionally develop people into the most valuable organisational asset: sufficiently trained and skilled, and fully engaged and utilised.
  • Managed departmental, team and individual desired outcomes; maintained progress and momentum, and collated RAG (red, amber, green) project status reports and key achievements.
  • Supported leadership in rapid, yet controlled, expansion of departmental scope by guiding teams and individuals to be self-disciplined, focused, time-effective, time-efficient and able to prioritise.

Global Leadership

  • Guided local and global departments, teams and individuals in mastering the fundamentals of self-sustaining continuous improvement.
  • Led initiatives to not only onboard existing global teams operating outside of established norms, but also to replicate centralised team functions to decentralised global regions.
  • Managed and led various multi-jurisdiction teams (global), including those responsible for, SQL Server, SharePoint, Reporting Services, and System Center Operations Manager.
  • Supported leadership and departmental strategy by assisting with international recruitment to increase the number, capacity and operations of global teams.
  • Supported leadership in recruiting staff for multiple global locations, and subsequently supported teams and individuals operating in multi-language, multi-region and multicultural environments.
  • Was responsible for embedding established processes and procedures into globally dispersed teams, both new and existing.

Ownership and Responsibility

  • Created, owned and chaired forums that approved and planned changes in accountability and movement of existing (or implementation of new) processes, tools and methods.
  • Guided teams and individuals to control unnecessary interruption, reduce context-switching waste and retain focus by being non-reliant on technology and leading the behaviour of others.
  • Implemented Project Management and agile-style “management-by-exception” adaptive leadership practices based on benefit, cost, quality, risk, scope and time exception tolerances.
  • Improved accountability and transparency by creating transition and stakeholder-identification processes to eliminate continual disagreement and conflict due to imprecise ownership.
  • Was responsible for empowering teams and individuals to be self-starting, self-managing, high-achieving, continuously improving and motivated by high levels of excellence.

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