Achievements: Negotiation and Change

  • (See Words and Literacy)
  • Created procedures and best practices for simple, repeatable and first-line customer-facing tasks and operations; and then negotiated their handover to offshore and partner organisations.
  • Improved the transparency of roles, responsibilities and functions through negotiation to determine, agree and explicitly document undefined duties, accountability and ownership.
  • Led analyses of tools and methods to request essential, recommended or iterative changes and improvements from vendors or suppliers; and, then negotiated and coordinated the responses.
  • Led extensive cross-functional, multi-department debates (and heated deliberation) to reach agreement on ownership, governance, responsibilities, improvements and strategy.
  • Led negotiation and collaboration with other process, tool and method owners to establish mutual compatibility and to maintain practical and strategic alignment.
  • Managed and owned departmental and team “rules”, forming the basis of Operation Level Agreements (OLA) that define internal relationship responsibilities.
  • Managed and successfully coordinated ownership, responsibility and autonomy boundaries of organisational change — the human element; often the most overlooked and challenging aspect.
  • Managed teams and individuals, encouraging and empowering all to be fair, open, credible and communicative in mutually beneficial negotiations and collaborations.
  • Managed third-party service providers in assisting with the execution of organisational policies, such as the review, analysis and hardening of security for a variety of tools and methods.
  • Supported leadership by representing the contribution of teams and individuals, tools and methods in customer negotiation to reach a mutual agreement about operational direction.

Change and Release Management

  • (See Words and Literacy)
  • Developed cross-functional procedures for requesting change to tools and methods — Request for Change — and visualised the appropriate workflows.
  • Improved Change Management processes for key organisational tools and methods.
  • Led and coordinated approved Release Management processes for key organisational tools and methods.
  • Led departmental Transition Management: defining, verifying and agreeing post go-live support, early-life support and subsequent handover of non-agile, waterfall-delivered tool and methods.
  • Represented departments, teams and individuals in Change Advisory Boards.
  • Was responsible for planning and controlling mandatory testing for non-Continuous Delivery change or update of tools and methods, including extensive regression testing if appropriate.
  • Was responsible for protecting BAU (business-as-usual) continuity through mandatory Change Control: prerequisite remediation planning and the rejection of unapproved change.

Project Management

  • Guided and advised projects, both simple and complex, in Business Systems Analyst roles, as a Subject Matter Expert (SME) and as support for Project Management Offices (PMO).
  • Led a challenge against extensive early planning by demonstrating its ineffectiveness in an improvement project that had not commenced or moved forward 3 months after its initiation.
  • Led cross-functional performance troubleshooting projects and was responsible for planning and coordinating global enhancements, upgrades and migrations of key tools and methods.
  • Led departmental and team coordination during rapid-delivery, agile projects and major organisational change, monitoring the tolerances of benefit, cost, quality, risk, scope and time.
  • Managed project controls and quality from the perspective of departments and teams.
  • Represented departments and teams as a voting member of Technical Design Authorities (TDA), ensuring technical assurance for projects.
  • Represented departments and teams during project lifecycles, from participation in pre-project brainstorming and scoping to receiving waterfall-method deliverables near the end of projects.
  • Represented project assurance by responding to Service Transition deficits and concerns about non-agile delivery by defining and controlling appropriate transition models.
  • Represented projects in a variety of roles, from Project Manager on simple and intermediate projects, to Senior User and Project Assurance on more complex projects.
  • Represented the perspective of customers and value on every project, albeit unofficially.
  • Was responsible for managing and coordinating the movement, improvement or decommission of key tools and methods (internal and external) during major organisational change projects.
  • Was responsible for managing projects within NGOs (non-profit social or political organisations) and contributing as a SME (Subject Matter Expert) to other projects.
  • Was responsible for providing process, tool and method feedback on agile development projects.

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