Achievements: Judgement and Decision-making

  • (See Words and Literacy)
  • Developed Time Management matrix templates and best practices to allow teams and individuals to focus on what adds value, rather than waste time responding to superficial importance.
  • Guided teams and individuals in gathering and assessing evidence to distinguish between problems and failures, symptoms and causes, inputs and outcomes.
  • Led risk assessments and advised leadership on recommended responses: accept, avoid or reduce threats; accept, exploit or enhance opportunities; or prepare contingency plans.
  • Represented departments and teams during the scoping and implementation of new functionality and desired outcomes by mapping processes to tools and methods.
  • Supported leadership in undertaking periodic reviews of Business-As-Usual (BAU) operations, confirming the performance of tools, methods and processes, both internal and external.

Portfolio Management

  • Investigated and advised upon the suitability of tools and methods to meet Business Capability vision.
  • Led frequent and regular monitoring and analysis of tool and method portfolios to ensure their evolvement continued to be aligned with organisational strategy and desired outcomes.
  • Represented departments and teams during the implementation of Service Catalogues and Configuration Management (CMDB).
  • Supported and guided Portfolio Directors in all aspects of Portfolio Management. including the development of tools and methods to centralise and collate dispersed portfolio records.
  • Was responsible for creating, maintaining and updating departmental inventories, records, and service catalogue and service portfolio entries.
  • Was responsible for the Portfolio Management and portfolio lifecycle of departments, including the ownership of Application Portfolio Management (APM).

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