Achievements: Innovation, Creativity and Disruption

  • Created blame-free environments in which the free exchange and nurture of creative ideas is not only welcomed, but also actively encouraged; a culture of testing and experimentation.
  • Developed and led successful implementation of numerous innovative, creative, disruptive and emergent change, improvement and maturity initiatives.
  • Guided leadership in adopting more progressive, responsive and contemporary approaches.
  • Initiated Creative-Destructive approaches that disturb the equilibrium, removing the comfort of inefficiency that prevents the progress, growth and adaptability that achieves success.
  • Represented a willingness to be pioneering by taking measured risks in investigating and experimenting with radical and disruptive practices and behaviours, tools and methods.
  • Was responsible for abandoning non-productive practices and behaviours, tools and methods, and proactively revitalising any that could remain productive or actually increase value.

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