Achievements: Dysfunction

  • Created mature processes where none existed or where procedures were undeveloped.
  • Developed creative responses to conflict and discord that embraced learning, transformation, communication, culture change and the adoption of emergent practices and behaviours.
  • Guided ineffective meetings away from argumentative, adversarial methods — serving only to coerce attendees with preconceived conclusions — towards success in analysing unbiased fact.
  • Guided respect earnt through sincerity, communication, honesty and fairness as an alternative to animosity earnt through archaic and ineffective practices and behaviours.
  • Improved the quality of waterfall projects where agile approaches were not mature by eliminating or reducing chaos; enforcing the proper engagement of teams and individuals.
  • Investigated counter-productive, contemptuous and “toxic” practices and behaviours for opportunities to transform costly dysfunction into high-performance at a lower emotional cost.
  • Supported leadership by encouraging adaptability, flexibility and creativity during systemic change, resolving organisational gridlock and creating a focus and purpose from demoralisation.
  • Was responsible for advocating congruent practices and behaviours (do what you say and say what you do).

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