Achievements: Customer Focus

  • (see Words and Literacy)
  • Represented the voice of customers when organisational behaviour began to be dictated by the latest tools and methods, rather than placing a steely focus on customer-value at the forefront.
  • Created successful and productive relationships with customers (Stakeholder Management) through improved levels of interaction aimed at providing or increasing value and satisfaction.
  • Guided Incident Management processes as a Subject Matter Expert (SME) on customer communication best practices: building satisfaction through confidence, trust and loyalty.
  • Guided leadership in recognising the consequences of a disparity between what leadership expects customers desire and what they actually do desire.

Added Value

  • Created “value sensitivity” through advocating the development of each other’s ideas as the most competent way to create added-value, rather than only focusing on one’s own ideas.
  • Developed satisfaction-focused processes that not only offered extended, out-of-hours availability to appreciative and welcoming customers but were also practical and workable.
  • Guided leadership in customer-focused departmental restructuring and the formulation of a 24/7 time zone operational model, both of which increased value and support to global customers.
  • Guided the implementation of consistent and meaningful indicators, warnings, alerts and notifications that add-value by concentrating effort and operations where most needed.
  • Improved customer-satisfaction by continually seeking their feedback to demonstrate that perceived value is often much lower than desired value.
  • Represented customer expectation and departmental quality in projects, improvements and strategy planning, specifically focusing on added-value, communication and consistency.
  • Was responsible for creating capabilities in tools and methods, practices and behaviours that added value by encouraging innovation, critical thinking and meaningful responses.

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