Achievements: Critical Thinking

  • (see Words and Literacy)
  • Guided teams and individuals away from hearsay, unsupported assumption and inadequate inference towards fact-based decision-making.
  • Guided teams and individuals in refocusing and speculating about what lies hidden beyond the obvious, or what significance may have been overlooked.
  • Improved the quality of meetings and thinking through adoption of the Six Thinking Hats method.
  • Led the empowerment of individuals to apply autonomous clear, reasoned and logical thinking (plus creativity and experimentation) ahead of strict adherence to direction.
  • Was responsible for improving departmental, team and individual understanding by focusing on alternatives to adversarial, argumentative and “spaghetti” thinking.

Devil’s Advocate

  • Investigated ideas, proposals, plans and policy for flaws, weaknesses, inflexibility or inconsistencies, applying logical and rational reasoning to raise solid and unbiased concerns.
  • Represented the voice of Customers, Processes and Employees (VoC, VoP and VoE) as a dispassionate and discerning critic and thinker, offering disruptive or constructive feedback.
  • Was responsible for resolutely halting unapproved change or inadequate implementations that may have compromised business-as-usual (BAU) operations or posed a security risk.

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