Achievements: Coordinating with Others

  • Improved coordination between teams and individuals by motivating ambition, advocating self-reliance and empowering initiatives that built and nurtured better relationships.
  • Improved inter-team and cross-functional interaction, specifically between teams having a dissimilar purpose, such as business-as-usual (BAU) and change.
  • Improved relationships and organisational cohesion by creating cross-functional RASCI matrices that clarified and defined roles and responsibilities.
  • Managed the coordination and efficiency-by-autonomy of departmental and team operations during unprecedented and critical challenges, such as major organisational failures.
  • Was responsible for organising, steering and overseeing frequent departmental and team meetings, sessions, forums and stand-ups; acting as chair, presenter, reviewer or administrator.

Communication and Miscommunication

  • (see Words and Literacy)
  • Improved teamwork, interaction and global communication with unified and shared collaborative tools (calendars, tasks, contacts, wikis, blogs, discussion boards and other repositories).
  • Initiated improvements to global video-conferencing capability as an alternative to frequent long-haul travel.
  • Investigated overabundances of communication practices, tools and methods to determine which become policy (most favoured and effective) and which to discourage and abandon (unpopular).
  • Led departmental communication about organisational policy, ensuring teams and individuals are adequately engaged: informed, trained, capable of responding to policy and involved in feedback.

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