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“A world of flat organisations and tumultuous business conditions — and that’s our world — punishes fixed skills and prizes elastic ones. What an individual does day to day on the job now must stretch across functional boundaries.

—Daniel H. Pink, To Sell is Human.

Matsuda Mulville is a Haarlem-based Professional Services Consultancy and Freelance Writing agency — the home of Matsuda Mulville Thinking.

  • Available for freelance or interim and open to consultancy enquiries. Short-term contract or temporary assignments also considered.
  • Freelance writing commissions are likewise welcomed. English language content and copywriting, editing and proofreading — all types of commerce and business. Extensive beverage industry experience.

We have over 25-years’ professional experience at senior or executive level of adding value and enabling quality through a determination to facilitate desired outcomes or resolve organisational challenges. We are broadly skilled and dynamic, and our focus is adding value, promoting quality and the evolution of business maturity and excellence.

We are globally experienced in ICT, Administration, Operations and Knowledge-Based or People-Focused roles — processes, improvements, projects, leadership, change, governance, portfolios, strategy, databases and reporting.

  • ICT, Administration or Operations
  • Documentation & Knowledge Management
  • Process Management & Improvements
  • Team Leadership (Global | Technical)
  • Project Management & Project Support
  • Change, Release & Transition Management
  • Portfolio Management (Applications)
  • Strategic Planning & Service Management
  • Lean Thinking & Agile Behaviour
  • Continuous Service Improvement
  • Project Business Analysis
  • Document Management & SharePoint
  • Governance (Systems; Applications)
  • Centre of Excellence for Business Maturity
  • Entrepreneurship & Lean-startup
  • Global Focus, Diversity & Inclusion
  • MS Access Solutions
  • SQL, BI, SSRS Reporting , SSIS Workflows
  • Craft Beer & Cider Industry Consultancy
  • Writing Content & Proofreading
  • Copywriting, Editing & Transcreation
  • Social Media, Communication, & Websites

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Partner Organisations


KEARU BEER is also a part of Matsuda Mulville, and as future Certified Cicerones and Certified Cider Professionals we focus on the national and international Craft Beer and Real Cider industries. (A Cicerone is to beer what a sommelier is to wine.)