A Haarlem, Netherlands-based, proven professional with over 25-years’ commercial experience, up to senior and executive level. Passions include words and literacy, entrepreneurship, commercial excellence, strategic innovation, favourable automation (administrative or technical) and business-maturity evolution: dysfunction resolution, change facilitation, process improvement, project delivery and portfolio precision.

A broadly-skilled, dynamic critical thinker, competent in judgement and decision-making, with global focus and experience; a skilled international leader motivated by people-first.

Available for freelance, interim or consultancy enquiries; temporary, short-term or extended assignments considered. Writing commissions also welcomed.

Roles Overview

  • VBScript / Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)1
    • MS Access Solutions2
    • MS Excel | MS Outlook | MS Word Solutions345
  • Change Facilitation and Transition or Release Management678
  • Knowledge Management9
    • Office and Administrative Automation10
    • SharePoint11
    • Documentation12
  • Governance13
    • IT Security14
  • IT Advice and Consultancy
    • Solutions Implementation and Replacement15
    • Business Intelligence (BI, SQL, SSIS, SSRS)16
    • SQL Database Administration, DBA
  • Portfolio Management and Operations1718
  • Process Management and Improvement1920
    • Lean Thinking21
    • Continual Service Improvement Strategies22
  • Project Management, Support and Business Analysis232425
    • Agile Behaviour26
  • Service Management27
  • Management Consulting28
    • Business Maturity29
    • Strategic Planning30
  • Content Writing, Editing, Proofreading and Copywriting31323334
    • Transcreation35
    • Brand Awareness and Marketing36
    • Social Media, Website Design and Development
  • Adaptive Leadership37
    • People-First38
    • Culture, Diversity and Inclusion39
  • Craft Beer and Cider Industry Consultancy40
  • European-Japanese Commercial Integration41

Knowledge Areas and Roles >>

“A world of flat organisations and tumultuous business conditions — and that’s our world — punishes fixed skills and prizes elastic ones. What an individual does day to day on the job now must stretch across functional boundaries.” —Daniel H. Pink, To Sell is Human (2012)

  • Matsuda Mulville favours a Lean Start-up approach.
  • We see life and business through Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s works on uncertainty: Incerto — “an investigation of opacity, luck, uncertainty, probability, human error, risk, and decision-making in a world we don’t understand”.

Partner Organisations

ATTICUS TECHNOLOGY — “We sell only our time, backed up by years of experience, to make IT work for your business. Whether it’s a full IT review and strategy, help with a specific project or simply filling a gap in your knowledge we are here to help.”
KEARU BEER is also a part of Matsuda Mulville, and as future Certified Cicerones, Sake and Certified Cider Professionals we focus on the national and international Craft Beer and Real Cider industries. (A Cicerone is to beer what a sommelier is to wine.)