Whipping square pegs into round holes

Whipping square pegs into round holesHaving been ‘caned’ at least once per week in school for ‘misbehaviour’ (i.e. a failure to comply with inappropriate, draconian relics from a Dickensian dystopia), the notion of corporal punishment as a deterrent is laughable. And yet, hierarchies and micromanagers continue to punish employees through neglect and detachment: a futile attempt to create ‘improvement’ – to whip square pegs into round holes.

Along with many peers at school we recognised what was pointless and what added personal-development value. We were early adopters of a Lean / Agile approach. We raised our bottom-up improvement ideas, but our thoughts were unheard. We then acted on our feelings and were deemed ‘disobedient’, punishable by physical pain. Nobody was willing to mentor our ideas into a workable evolution during that era.

However, while yesterday’s practice of abandonment and disregard for those who shape tomorrow’s progress has thankfully passed in most domains, the lure of authority still appeals to some whose response to necessary change is suppression and punishment.

Photo: theguardian.com