Avoid aspirations to be dinosaur-shaped

PWC Antifragile dinosaur-shapedDinosaurs have a voracious appetite — for income, for turnover, for profits. Dinosaurs start huge and get bigger: mega-states, conglomerates, multinationals. Dinosaurs are aggressive, with a strategy that consumes everything standing in their way.

Rhinoceroses are tough. But a tough stance is generally inflexible and non-learning with a fixed attitude.

At least leopards are agile, lean and responsive to change.

But it is best to be an antifragile virus or bacterium: ever-changing, adaptable, and seeking disorder from which to gain value and strength.

From our daily communication with dinosaurs, we learn they deny the existence and potential in antifragile viruses and bacteria. The lumbering behemoths see no worth in ethics or values, and they feel unthreatened by seismic changes that will affect any species unwilling to change, adapt and evolve. So, rather than tell us we are worthless because we are not dinosaur-shaped, it may be better to recognise a new shape, to adopt a strategy suited to tomorrow’s commercial world.

I am not dinosaur-shaped, and nor do I aspire to be!