Celebrating responsibly to protect oceans and waterways

Cheers gesture with two plastic cups of beerDuring a national holiday when thousands of people wander the city streets supping beer from plastic cups, the focus should be on social and environment impact. How many of those plastic cups will find their way into the rivers, canals and, eventually, oceans? And who cares after a few cupsful?

Questions rarely asked. The merriment turns a blind eye.

Through the hard work and determination of organisations like De Pinguin and its supporters, who trawl the waterways fishing out the pernicious plastic detritus, the planet will be a little cleaner. But the planet would be MUCH cleaner if we, custodians of this world and its life, took a more responsible approach to waste disposal.

Next time you’re out and about celebrating, please consider the world around you. Dispose of your litter responsibly before moving onto the next beer. I will.