Building values-based, impact-driven connections in 2021

Building values-based, impact-driven connections in 2021I want to create values-based, impact-driven networking channels in 2021, for ethical professionals operating in the Netherlands, Benelux and the EU. Who is interested in forming these with me?

With limited opportunities to meet and create value with like-minded businesspeople and entrepreneurs in 2020, the continuing curb on networking in 2021 will challenge values-based freelancers, contractors, solopreneurs and multifaceted, unconventional thinkers — both here in the Netherlands and elsewhere.

It is crucial to maintain an ethical approach and stay focused on what’s important. As competition for principled roles is increasing, impact-driven openings are decreasing. We must be strong to maintain integrity and avoid abandoning our values through necessity.

I remain highly-motivated to follow an ethical path, personally and professionally. The limited opportunities to network and create value locally, however, proves difficult.

Who else experiences this and would like to help take meaningful steps to start rebuilding connections with people who share the same values in 2021?