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Meet B-Candidates: Strategic Flexibility with Purpose

This article introduces B-Candidates: a new breed of work-seeking individuals whose principles, morals, ethics and beliefs are congruent with purpose-driven organisations. With improved representation in selection and hiring, their positive impact on mutual vision and shared goals could be significant.

A growing number of ethical and innovative recruitment visionaries are reacting to rapid cultural change by offering selection and hiring with purpose. This approach offers a mature alternative to passive recruitment, which acts at cross-purposes with today’s global imperatives because it is solely motivated by making money.

EU Nature Protection Legislation – Focus on Species Protection

This article describes biodiversity and ecosystems, and their importance to human life. The paradox is that human activity continues to cause biodiversity loss and ecosystem degradation — the threats, their ecological effect and what could halt and reverse the harm are briefly mentioned.

Birds play a vital role in effective ecosystems; they provide the first indication of environmental problems. But their numbers are declining for several reasons.

A Green Deal for climate change and environment degradation

This article briefly summarises the European Green Deal and many of its central themes.

How birds expose a waterborne plastic waste problem in Haarlem

This article explains how the waterborne plastic in our rivers and canals reveals itself in unusual ways. Birds play a part in exposing how mishandled waste is a wildlife problem.

KeyKeg®: OneCircle’s sustainable-plastics standard for beer kegs

This article explains how KeyKeg®, OneCircle’s lightweight plastic beverage keg, first produced over 15 years ago, is currently the only plastic keg conceived for true circularity.

Can a Single-use Plastics Directive reduce marine litter?

This article asks if the response to single-use plastics could have greater impact.

The European Commission’s Plastic Waste strategy confronts health, biodiversity and marine ecosystem threats by removing certain single-use plastics from the European Union (EU) in favour of increased circularity. The Single-use Plastics Directive (SUPD) — Directive (EU) 2019/904 — legislates for a transformation in plastics consumption and design, yet it bans only single-use plastic products for which cost-effective, sustainable alternatives are available.

Why climate change requires a social and economic fix

This article considers whether the centuries-old link between financial bottom line and families living in poverty not only continues to cause social harm, but also accelerates climate change.

Is it time to rethink established economic models when environmental concern proves too expensive for low-income people, too unfavourable to single-focus profit, and too bothersome for insatiable consumerism?

Is volunteering a worthless social currency in a greedy world?

This article asks why extrinsic reward motivates self-interested individuals to sneer at volunteers for working without pay, yet hands-on effort to support purpose-driven organisations in mutual vision and shared goals has priceless intrinsic value.

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